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Course start:    21 NOV, 2020

Batch           :    001 

Registration:    OPEN

Tall Building Concept and Modeling

Tall Building System, Structural Concept for 3D Model. Load path system and load transfer mechanism. Rigid and Flexible Floor Diaphragms. Effect of mass center and rigidity center.

Course start:    TBD

Registration:    TBD

Micro Piles and Screw piles application for building and bridge architecture

Difference between conventional piles to Micro Piles or Screw Piles, where to use, Design approach, Area of application, Equipment for construction,
Construction techniques and Materials, Method of installation, use of reinforcing bars. Concept of Design.

Course start:    TBD

Batch           :    001 

Registration:    TBD

Seismology and formation of Earthquake

Formation of Earth and Universe, Layers of Earth Materials. Plate Tectonics, Movement of Plates, Continental Drift, Formation of Seismic Waves, Propagation of Seismic Waves, Formation of Earthquake, Earthquake Measurement.

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