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Licensing Exam preparation Courses

Start                  :   Aug 30, 2021 

Batch                :   02

Registration     :   Closed

National Building Code of Canada/Ontario Building Code

Structural Fire Protection.  Load Cases and Load Combinations.  Dead Loads, Live Loads, Snow Loads, Wind Loads and Earthquake Loads on Buildings and non-Building Structures. Design of Housing and Small Buildings. The course will cover the syllabus for the structural exam conducted by Ministry of Municipality Affairs and Housing (MMAH), Ontario.

Start                  :  TBD 

Registration     :   TBD

P. Eng Exam Preparation (CA)

Courses Preparation for the Professional Engineering Exam in Canada

Coming soon

Start                  :  TBD 

Registration     :   TBD

F. E. Exam Preparation

Courses Preparation  for the Fundamental Engineering Exam in USA

Coming soon
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