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Course : Bangladesh National Building Code-2020

Who can Attend?

Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer and Engineering Manager.

Course Overview

Module 1: Occupancy Classification, Fire Rating and Fire Protection:

Occupancy and Construction Classification of Buildings, Subdivision and nature of  Occupancy class, application of occupancy class for fire index and fire rating determination. Fire rating for combustible materials, non-combustible materials and exterior walls for various occupancy groups. Requirements of opening based on fire resistant. Fire resistance Rating of Barriers, Floors and Ceilings. Determination of Properties of Concrete and Masonry structures to achieve required Fire Rating.

Module 2: Vertical Loads, Lateral Loads, Load Combinations and Envelope:

Load to Actions. Vertical, Lateral and other type of Loads. Interpretation of Dead Loads and Live Loads. Live Loads on Floors, Flat Roofs, Slope Roofs, Equipment’s supports and Miscellaneous structures. Live Load reduction factors. Loads on Helicopter Landing area. Flood and Surge Loads at coastal areas. Basic Load combinations of Allowable Stress Design method, Strength Design method and its Limitations. Vertical Deflection limits and its limitations. Concept of Envelope.

Module 3: Wind Loads:

Occupancy Category and Importance Factors.  Simplified Procedure and Analytical Procedure for Calculation of Wind Loads. Wind loads on Main Wind Resistance System, Components and Cladding. Exposure adjustment factors, Topographic factors, Wind speed-up over hills and Escarpments. Gust Effect factors for rigid, flexible and dynamically sensitive structures. Vortex Shedding and Shielding effect.   Wind loads on Windward, Leeward, Roof and Side Walls of low-rise buildings, High rise buildings, Domed Roofs buildings, Industrial buildings and non- building structures. Full and Partial loadings.  Wind load distribution. Deflection and Drift due to wind loads. 

Module 4: Earthquake Loads:

Occupancy Category, Vertical and Horizontal Irregularities, Importance Factors, Seismic Design Category and Damping factors.  Site Classification based on Soil Properties, Site Specific Acceleration Response curve for different site class and different areas in Bangladesh. Fundamental time period calculation for Frame structures, Concrete Shear Wall structures and Masonry shear wall structures. Static Earthquake Horizontal and Vertical Loads calculation for Building and non-building Structures. Limitation of static analysis. Calculation of base shear and its distribution along the building height. Overturning and torsional effects caused by earthquake. Deflection, Drift and Structural separation. Earthquake on non-structural components and Equipment’s.

Course Details


Duration              :  8 Hours

Date                    : NOV 20, 2021 to NOV 28, 2021

Time                    :  07:30 PM to 09:30 PM (Dhaka Time)                      

Day                      :  Saturday and Sunday

Course Fee         :  Taka 10,000 (Taka 8,000  for Batch 01)

Participants         :  Limited, first come first serve basis


Mr. Akhtar Zaman, M. Eng.,
P. E. (USA), P. Eng. (Canada),
New Brunswick, Canada.

Mr. Akhtar Zaman has over 35 years of professional experience working in consulting companies throughout the USA, Canada and Bangladesh. He received “Design and Technical Award of Excellence” from his former consulting company “STANTEC”. He has a vast professional experience on structural and foundation design for different types of Tall buildings, mining, industrial, oil and gas, pulp and paper, bridge, power, marine structures, and water treatment plants. His areas of expertise include 3D finite element modeling of structure and foundation, stress analysis, dynamic analysis with response spectrum and time history loading. He is Professional Engineer in ON, AL and NB in Canada and ME in USA. He has designed up to 32 story tall buildings and many multi-billion-dollar critical projects in the USA and in Canada. He involved in structural design projects at the province of NB, ON, PEI, NS, AL, SK and NL in Canada and at the state of ME, NY, FL, CA, TX, KY, AK and GA in USA. He completed his undergraduate degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) and Master’s from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). He was Assistant Professor in Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) at beginning of his carrier. He published over 11 technical papers in National and International Journals. At present he has been working as a Senior Structural Engineer at Hilcon Limited, Canada.

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